Mentoring Model

The MORRE cycle

Our mentoring model MORRE has been developed to provide an effective way of supporting SMEs with practical outcomes. This psychologically informed approach, is unique across SME mentoring in the UK, and was developed by our in-house Psychologist Claire.

The stages in the MORRE cycle:

Matching mentors

We start with an initial needs assessment for each business looking at where the business is in its life cycle, product development ideas and the key areas of support that are required. This ensures that mentors can be assigned who are able to more effectively provide support.

Build objectives

At the first mentoring session the focus will be on identifying objectives related to the product or service as well as identifying personal drivers. The discussion uses a customer focus to create ideas that will answer real business needs.

Break and Rebuild

During the following sessions, each objective is broken down into tasks. This provides a plan to work through and enables the identification of barriers that need to be overcome. Mentors ask and answer questions to support the individual and their business.

RE Review and Report

Reviews take place during the sessions where progress is discussed and tools are signposted to. Data captured during can be compiled to assess trends and create case studies. Additionally, a participant survey captures feedback from each business.

We work differently

We are different in that we employ an in-house Psychologist who develops all our engagement and training approaches. This results in programmes which are delivered in a way that maximises the impact that we have with participants. Every one of our mentors has been trained by our Psychologist in how MORRE works and how to best apply it for maximum effectiveness.

Helping SMEs to see through the lens of the customer

Our unique approach uses psychologically informed principles to get inside the mind of the customer. Encouraging businesses to work with this viewpoint creates a focus on actual business problems and the barriers that need to be overcome in order to resolve them. This identification results in the creation of an actionable business and development plan with a focus on clear goals.

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