Using psychology in our training

By using a less formal, very practical manner of presenting both training and mentoring programmes we change perceptions of business support. This means our offer resonates positively with those who avoid traditional and more formal sources of support.

Our team of mentors is made up of current and former entrepreneurs. People who have experienced all the highs – and the lows – of businesses. This means they have a real insight into the challenges being faced by the enterprises they work with.

start up business support

Training that focuses on clear, practical goals

Established business people, sole traders, and self-employed can feel threatened by the changes occurring within their marketplace. Start-ups may not know where to access support or even that is available.

Our expertise lies first in reaching those who would potentially benefit. Then by offering training that focuses on clear, practical goals, our mentors are able to help them identify barriers to grow their businesses leading to a potentially beneficial impact on the local economy.

Training courses we offer

By providing training to SMEs councils are demonstrating their support for them and the difference they make to the local economy.

Offering business support training to startups, entrepreneurs and established business has clear benefits for the participants and the local authority.


Reduced business failure rates


Increased revenue leading to improved employment opportunities


Increased local business/citizen satisfaction

Subjects include

Increasing Sales


Advanced selling techniques


Masterful marketing


Building web sales

Business Growth


Developing new products


How to sell with Social Media


Sustainable growth



Successful fundraising


Business rates relief workshop


Making tax digital

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