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The UK's leading Grant Administration provider

Many UK Government programmes struggle to engage difficult to reach communities and organisations meaning that grants and support does not reach those who most need it.

Since 2017, Smarter Society has been supporting UK Government departments to make their grant and support programmes more inclusive through its unique engagement, smart systems and experienced team.

Our sole objective is to help clients build programmes and grants that are inclusive and ensure that recipients of support and funding are those that can deliver most value. Our unique approach includes

  • Partnering with charities and research organisations to deliver wide social value through each programme that we deliver
  • Deep understanding of deprived and difficult to reach communities and how engagement strategies must be tailored to support them
  • Robust Grant systems and financial processes that support Grant Givers to report on all key metrics; financial, outputs and outcomes

Since 2017, we have been at the forefront of delivering inclusive grant and support programmes that level the playing field for all applicants. From the inception of a programme through to the evaluation, participant experience and how we encourage diversity is at the core. Our history of successful programme delivery shows that by maximising the diversity of your applicant base, this directly increases the outcome value delivered.

Geoff Baxter
Managing Director
UKs Leading Grant and Voucher Administration specialist
Certified UK B-Corp – Ethical provider
Experts in supporting diverse applicant pools
Supporting £20m of grants each year

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