Business Support

Sustainable small business communities

Working alongside Local Authorities and LEPs, we deliver start-up and existing business support that build small business communities that create local employment. Our training, mentoring and support targets entrepreneurs including those who won’t normally engage with government initiatives.

Business Support programmes that engage all entrepreneurs

Our Business Support team run programmes supporting thousands of businesses and start-ups each year. Each programme is designed to engage entrepreneurs that are furthest from other traditional support methods.

Full delivery of largescale enterprise support programmes across the UK

Complete lifecycle: Recruitment and delivery to data capture and reporting

Large team of experienced mentors supporting SME business growth

Smarter Society have supported over 7,000 since 2017

Experienced team of mentors who have all experienced self employment

Start-up training programme that has been delivered to 3000+ participants

Skilled at recruiting participants who are furthest from traditional support methods


The Enterprise programme delivered by Smarter Society has overdelivered on outputs and outcomes, but above all has been a fantastic experience for the participants.


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