Charity Services

Supporting charities to do more with less

We work alongside charities and grant giving organisations to support their processing efficiently and ethically. Typically we can reduce the cost of processes such as grant application processing by around 25%, improve the diversity of applications whilst maintaining the charities final decision making on where funds are distributed.

We make charities more efficient, driving additional funds to their primary objective

Using our intelligent systems and experienced team, we improve charities administration processes, allowing them to focus precious resources on the most important parts of their organisation. We help them to reduce their administration cost sustainably and ethically, whilst improving end user experience and diversity.

Smarter Society is a leading ethically driven provider of charity administration outsourcing

Running administrative processes that increase diversity and efficiency

Ability to run all administration and commercial charity workstreams


Leading Grant Administration system – flexible and easy to use.

Experienced evaluators who quickly help support successful applications.

Enterprise level reporting for funders and programme managers.

Developed to deliver low cost, grant programmes for Government and Charitable organisations.

Proudly partnering with

Smarter Society have delivered a high-quality and engaging grant scheme, managing the process in an efficient and professional manner. All compliance was delivered comprehensively and they facilitated the delivery of a major grant programme for the SELEP region within a tight timeframe.

Grant Administration Case Studies

We have worked with clients across the country to help them deliver an excellent grant programme through our administration system. Please take a look at examples of our work and the clients that we have worked with.

Case Studies

Grant Administration news and successes

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