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We build sustainable low carbon strategies

Local Authorities must take a lead with the SMEs and businesses in their area to support a low carbon agenda. Currently, businesses still perceive low carbon as an additional expense that they cannot afford as opposed to a sustainable business approach.

We are the leading low carbon SME business support provider in the UK, helping Local Authorities to roll out sustainability training and support. Being low carbon is good for business for large established companies and start-ups alike. Our specialist business mentors work with businesses to build sustainable low carbon strategies which in turn support the low carbon agenda for the local area.

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Increase energy efficiency

Work with us to reduce your local authorities’ carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency.

Projects that we have been involved in:

Supporting logistics businesses go green for a London Borough

SME mentoring programme looking at eco-tourism and how this can provide a competitive advantage for Visit Kent

Evaluation of Electric fleet and plant for central government agency

Getting started

The first step to reducing your carbon footprint is to find out what your current energy consumption is and how you are using it. We’ll look at how your workplace is set up and the practices that are currently in place. This will lead to the identification of the areas where you are wasting energy and could do things differently. Then we’ll produce a bespoke plan looking at both where changes could be made and also how to implement them.

Creating a plan that works with your business

Small changes like switching off electronic devices rather than leaving them on standby overnight can have a big impact on your business. However, it can be challenging to get staff on board. That’s why our in-house Psychologist works with our Low Carbon Team to create a plan that will work with the culture in your business.

We’ll also, identify grants and other funding that you could be eligible for to offset the cost of making these changes.

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Reduce your businesses carbon footprint

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